Sunday, February 10, 2013

Girl vs Monster

Concept of Containment unit

Actually prop
Concepts for set designs for another Disney MOW(movie of week) called Girl vs Monsters. Here the initial concepts were created by Matthew Budgeon in sketch up. My job was to paint up his sketchups and make them nice and pretty, so the studio can get the budget to actually create the sets and props. The first concept is a containment unit, used in the movie to capture ghosts, kinda like Ghostbusters, but alittle more geared toward tweens. The concepts in the middle are different views of the laboratory where the ghosts were kept. Than the bottom concepts is rooftop, where the climatic part of movie happens. It was really nice of the studio to invite me to the sets to all this.

Earlier concept of Containment Unit

Lab concept

Another Lab Concept

Sets - work in progress after the concepts

Rooftop Set closeup
Rooftop Set (Really cool to see)

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