Monday, June 29, 2009

Avengelyne, and old Comic Stuff

These are old pages from Avengelyne. Contract at Maximum Press under Image 1995. Inker was John Livesay, the editor was Matt Hawkins, owner Rob Liefeld. It was good , yet chaotic experience. I remember having to do 2-3 weeks for a book, and these were my first published work. I got pretty burned out fast. I was contracted with Maximum Press for 12 issues, but no timeline. I was idling for 3-4 months between books. During this time the Jim lee called me, and was interested in my work, but unfortunately I was working under Maximum, and Jim Lee didn't want to get involved. I had to get a lawyer to break my contract with Maximum Press. After this situation I was very discouraged about comics industry. That I went back to school for 3D.

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