Friday, July 10, 2009

Playground 2

At EA, I was task to concept some character IP for a sequel game called Playground for the Wii, the art team had creative freedom with basing many of characters on celebrities, and iconic figures. The art director wanted to keep the style very similar to the previous playground, with the big head and little bodies. Some of these characters made the cut, and some didn't. They were either too dark, or too normal.

The previous Playground was skewed towards a much younger audience. A decision was made to age up the characters to target more of the tween- teenager market, I quickly photoshopped them by shrinking the heads , and changing the proportions; other IP characters were also added. I personally liked the melon heads.

Some VTARs (visual targets terminology they use at EA) This was a lot different from the things I usually drew, I experiment with different styles, and colors. I got some tips from Gustavo a fellow concept artist on brushes, and layers to get me started.

For marketing I was ask to concept some celebrates in the Playground style, I guess they liked it a lot, so they based the whole game on celebrities, all IP's I created were now unlockable costumes for the celebrities. None of these celebrities signed on, but they managed to get other celebrities like Avril Lavinge, Sugar Ray, Fergie, and some other celebrities. The game was later name Celebrity Sports Showdown, if you are interested there's more info about it I did not create any of new celebrity IP as I was moved onto another project. Bummer...

In my last days at EA I was ask to explore some different styles with Avril Lavigne. I started with a sketch and rendered a final image.

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